What the world needs right now?

Some of you might say, the world is fine right now. We are so much better off than the medieval times, when there used to be wars all the time. One nation attacking the other, killing and looting the inhabitants, was a common site. At least we don’t have to face that now. Not most of us anyways. Something is going on in the gulf countries, and it sounds depressing, but we don’t need to bothered by that. Right? We have our own lives, our own goals and our own family and friends to keep us busy getting through our lives.

Well. Firstly, we must keep our eyes peeled and our ears open all the time. Sometimes, we just ignore the small crimes that happen around us, but these small things only come together and are the reason behind discontent. Whether it is posting something demeaning on Facebook, or sharing a racist joke on Whatsapp, we all play our part in destroying the peace and harmony of this world. The best part of this is that we are totally unaware of it. We think that it is all very normal. People should just relax and take it easy. No use getting all emotional and angry over these small things. There are so many big problems in this world, like hunger and unemployment to solve.

But sometimes, people do make the small issues really huge for no reason at all. They demand respect and appreciation from other people and when the other person is rude or hurts their feelings, they go all crazy. Well it is not fair, is it. When you do the same thing to the other people, you are doing it just for fun and relaxation. Just to calm your nerves after a hard day of work, but when some other person, most likely just like you, does that, you get allĀ  angry and annoyed. That is ego, my friends. It has cost a lot many lives in the past and will continue to do so. But it is not like we don’t have a solution. We do have a solution to everything, we are humans after all. The most intelligent race on this planet.

The solution, in my opinion, and mind it, it is just my opinion. You have all the right to agree and disagree to it and speak up and put your points. The solution, is this. Don’t be silent. Speak up. Whenever you see something wrong happening around you, make the people who are doing it realize the fault in their thinking and you will not be alone in this. That much you need to trust in your fellow humans. People will join you in making things right. People need a leader. You can be that leader. Yes you. The one reading this article on your phone, while sitting all alone in your room.

You may be thinking, why should I care. I don’t even know the person being bullied that well, or maybe the person who is doing wrong is your friend, and you fear that the group will case you out. Well, let me tell you this. They will realize their mistake if you point it out and they will respect you. There is some goodness in everyone’s heart and you can be the one to bring it out. If you keep your mouth shut and let the wrong thing happen in front of you, you are just as much guilty of this crime as the one committing it. You are approving fot it and that is giving that person the courage to commit that crime on the helpless person.

So, please, I plead in the name of humanity and our dying breed. Next time, you see your dad disrespecting your mother or your best friend bullying a puny kid, or some mean and popular girls making a girl feel inferior, don’t let it just happen. Raise your voice and let the weak know that they are not alone and the strong that they are using their strength wrongly.

My Lover

Heart and soul are at peace finally

Thirst quenched and oh it feels good

Sense of satisfaction, one can’t imagine

Like finding a green and cool oasis

after a walk in a stormy desert

Seeing your own reflection in her eyes

Feeling her warm breath energize you

And then her gentle lips soothe your soul

Holding her so close, all curled up

Feel so strong and mighty, never let her go

With her hair falling on your face

Blocks the world and it’s pains

What did I do right, to get her love

Must be something out of this world

Her love so pure and gentle,

every moment is to cherish and rejoice


Come back Home

The smell of green grass reminds me of my home

Tucked away behind the trees

A heaven indeed on this earth

All my troubles seem to fade away

As I slowly sink in the ground

The earth calls me with her crackling voice

The birds wake me up with their chatter

Like small kids playing and laughing

The morning breeze, cold and fresh

With scent of Parijaat and Jasmine

Whispers some song, long forgotten

About the forest that once was there

With strange creatures walking the ground

And brave men hunting them down

The story goes on with no end near

Time is infinite, and the biggest fear

Walked down to the river, by her banks

Slow waters telling another story in silence

Once there was a fire, so huge and mighty

Swallowed all the life and black was all left

The river was crying as passing by

No deer no lion to sip water so clear

Life went on and here we are

Wondering what the past was like

To learn from our mistakes

And do good while we can



Gray Morning

A long night and a gray morning.

It’s like the sky is weeping and sun is too ashamed to come out.

The birds are shivering in their nests, not making a single sound.

Chilly wind sending shivers to the spine, but I stand in the dark and the cold, just to fell my heart beating slow and my breath getting cold.

Me and morning become one as I dissolve in the mist.

Little Bird

Somethings I remember, some are long gone

Still somewhere in me, she lives on

Whether I say or remain silent

It doesn’t matter, coz nobody’s listening

In this world so violent

I saw her slowly withering

I watered the roots

But it wasn’t enough

Water was too heavy

Couldn’t get it through

Sometimes I miss her

Sometimes I cry

Hoping she is happy

In the world to which she flied

In hope of salvation

Dark were his thoughts tonight. Pain was all he felt. Agony was her only companion with loneliness looming about. Anger was slowly growling, and frustration reached to its highest.
His last hope was gone. The boat of salvation has sailed and doors of rejection shut on his face.
There was a hole in the door through which he peeped to get a fleeting glimpse, to save her forever in his memory, but all he got was calm waves and she was long gone.

Lost forever

He waited for a while and then waited some more. With a beer on the table and almost empty bar. He looked around himself.The bartender was half asleep on his seat. A couple were getting too close and comfortable in the corner table. He tried to ignore them as they might feel conscious. He smiled a little as he had a sip of his beer.

He was pulled in his deep thoughts. He tried to remember her face. But he couldn’t. Time and alcohol had mixed up the lines of her face in his mind. Or maybe he didn’t wanted to forget her and lost the battle with his memory. He was such a coward that he couldn’t tell her what he had deep inside his heart. If only she knew. She always wondered what he was thinking. Only if she knew it was about her. 15 years is a long time, he thought. She must be happy, with her family. He tried to stop the chain of thoughts but he was feeling like a dam of emotions had broken and he was swept in the flow.

Now, he remembered her smile, her laugh. When she would laugh at his silly jokes, the giggles would make his day. But, now most day pass, without a joke. Maybe it was her, who made him funny. He took another sip and went deeper inside his heart. He was such a fool in those days.
He was afraid to lose her, even when she was already lost. He hoped maybe she will somehow come to know about his feelings. He left it all in the hands of destiny. He didn’t knew destiny was so cruel.

“Go home. We are closing now. It’s cold outside. Go home or you will catch cold”, said the bartender. He pitied the guy as he was one of the regulars for last 4 years. They were of almost same age. Every weekend he would come and sit for whole night waiting for someone. Whenever someone was at the entrance, his face would lighten up. But soon he would be sad again. He was a hard-working guy and still unmarried.

“You are closing so early today. What is the matter? Is everything fine?”, asked the man.

“Yes, yes. God is merciful. Everything is fine. It’s just that today, I’m taking my wife and 2 kids to the movies. They must be arriving soon”, he replied with a smile.

“That’s good. I will wait till they arrive. Pour me a last one, will ya”

“Sure, Do you mind if I ask something?”

“No, go ahead”

“For whom you wait here?”

“I don’t wait for anybody. I like your bar and enjoy drinking beer”, he answered timidly.

“I’m sorry if that sounded idiotic. It just seemed to me that way”

“It’s fine. I get that a lot these days”

“Never mind. My kin has arrived. I must go now”

“Sure Sure. I’m also done”

Saying so, he put the glass down, got up and headed for the gate. Two kids of age 9-10 were entering and behind them was a woman. He looked at her face. She smiled and nodded as she passed.

Maybe he was too drunk and imagining things, But now he remembered her beloved’s face.